Along Comes Mary (European Release) Album Cover

Release Date:
May 25, 1999

Album Length:


Catalog Number:
497081-2 & GED97081

Produced by Jimmy Pop

Copyright © 1999 Geffen Records, Inc.

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Bloodhound Gang Discography

Along Comes Mary
(European Release)

"Along Comes Mary" is a cover of an old Association song coincenentally enough entitled "Along Comes Mary". The song is great and the single cover does not feature Half Baked. This import single has a chick on the cover, and on the inside of the album it predicts the release of Hooray For Boobies in August of 1999, which was only off by half a year. The "Los Vegas Holiday Inn Lounge Version" of "I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks" is one of the best parts of the album. The song is sung in the style of a cheesy lounge song. Two videos are also included as bonus content on the CD. The Holiday Inn Version doesn't have Jimmy sing, but the way Tony Valentino sings it is hilarious.

Track Listing

1 Along Comes Mary
(Album Version)
2 I Wish I Was Queer so I Could Get Chicks
(The New York CBGB's Punk Rock Version)
3 I Wish I Was Queer so I Could Get Chicks
(The Las Vegas Holiday Inn Lounge Version)
4 Fire Water Burn
(Album Version)
5 Along Comes Mary
6 Fire Water Burn