Fire Water Burn (European Release) Album Cover

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18:12 Approx.

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Bloodhound Gang Discography

Fire Water Burn
(European Release)

Every single from One Fierce Beer Coaster is a complete mystery. By living in the US, I could not get any of the singles that were released in Europe. I can get the vinyl ones, but that's no fun. The CD's were made in Europe, New Zealand and Holland. Pretty much the same area, but useless to little American kids who want remixes. So, me and every other Bloodhound Gang website, are completely clueless on this album, except for the crap track listings posted at

Track Listing

1 Fire Water Burn
(Rudimental Jammy Jam)
2 Fire Water Burn
(Jim Makin' Jamacian Mix)
3 Fire Water Burn
(We Don't Need No God Lives Underwater Mix)
4 Fire Water Burn
(A Coo Dic Ver Din)