Half Baked Album Cover

Release Date:
January 13, 1998

Produced by Various Producers

Copyright © 2000 UNI/MCA



Bloodhound Gang Discography

Half Baked

A remake of a song by The Association, "Along Comes Mary" is a song about smoking. Big surprise coming from a movie called Half Baked. I don't remember hearing the song in the movie, but then again, I don't really remember the movie. The sound was screwed up on the copy I rented, so I could hear nothing, I still don't know the plot to the movie. I'm sure they were trying to create a massive plot anyway.

Track Listing

1 The Bloodhound Gang - "Along Comes Mary"
2 Smash Mouth - "Virgin Girls"
3 Luscious Jackson - "Love That's Real Suite"
4 Home Grown - "We Are Dumb"
5 Black Grape - "Marbles (Why You Say Yes...?)"
6 Days of the New - "Seasons Change"
7 The Specials - "Farmyard Connection"
8 Cowboy Mouth - "The Pusher"
9 DJ Milo & Tricky - "We Know"
10 Coolio - "(I'm In Love With) Mary Jane"
11 UB40 - "I Get Lifted"
12 Cibo Matto - "Who's Got the Light?"
13 Tom Tom Club And Nonchalant - "Flyin'"
14 The Pharcyde - "Pack the Pipe"