No Hard Feelings Album Cover

Release Date:
April 26, 2006

Album Length:

Produced by Jimmy Pop

Copyright © 2006 Geffen Records



Bloodhound Gang Discography

No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings has 3 new versions of "No Hard Feelings" for your listening enjoyment. The Craig Groove Mix makes the song sound much more depressing and even a little top 40, but well done to say the least. D.J. Q-Ball takes the song in more of a synth-poppy dance direction, probably under the assumption it will get coeds to dance at concerts. The Magnus Winbjörk Remix is definitely a house/trance remix, making it a favuorite angsty Bloodhound Gang track to be played at raves.

Track Listing

1 No Hard Feelings
2 No Hard Feelings
(The Craig Groove Remix)
3 No Hard Feelings
(The D.J. Q-Ball Remix)
4 No Hard Feelings
(The Magnus Winbjörk Remix)