Wet Paint Album Cover

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Produced by Various Producers

Copyright © 1999 MCA Records/2001 Universal Music Enterprises a division of UMG Recording Inc.

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Bloodhound Gang Discography

Wet Paint

This album was made in Mexico, and I believe it is only a promotional item from MCA Records. This is your basic top 10 compilation CD for songs of the time, assuming late 1999. This album features "Boom" from the One Fierce Beer Coaster album.

Track Listing

1 Blink 182 - "Don't Leave Me"
2 Moby - "Bodyrock"
3 Sublime - "Santeria"
4 Jurassic 5 - "The Influence"
5 Tonic - "You Wanted More"
6 MXPX - "My Life Story"
7 Bloodhound Gang - "Boom"
8 Stroke 9 - "Make It Last"
9 Oleander - "You'll Find Out"
10 Fenix TX - "No Lie"