WWF Tough Enough, Vol.2 [UK] Album Cover

Release Date:
May 14, 2002

Album Length:


Catalog Number:
UMVD/GEFFEN 606949331429

Produced by Various Producers

Copyright © 2002 Geffen Records Inc.



Bloodhound Gang Discography

WWF Tough Enough, Vol.2 [UK]

Testosterone pumping CD full of wicked cuts for your earhole. Basically the Gang was included on this CD full of themes for "wrestling's" biggest stars. This album could be better, but if you're angsty and full of rage and want to be pumped, maybe you should possibly take a look at this one? This album does feature the Bully Remix of "The Bad Touch", I don't know of any other album to contain this track.

Track Listing

1 Cold - "Gone Away" 3:14 Buy from iTunes
2 Limp Bizkit - "Crushed" 3:23 Buy from iTunes
3 Stained - "Take It" 3:34 Buy from iTunes
4 Trust Company - "Falling Apart" 3:30 Buy from iTunes
5 Puddle of Mudd - "Control"(Acoustic Version) 4:09 Buy from iTunes
6 Weezer - "Oh Lisa"(Acoustic Version) 2:45 Buy from iTunes
7 Queens of the Stone Age - "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire"(Acoustic Version) 2:38 Buy from iTunes
8 Unwritten Law - "Seeing Red"(Acoustic Version) 3:47 Buy from iTunes
9 Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch"
(The Bully Remix)
3:47 Buy from iTunes
10 Crushed - "Break Your Silence"(The Bully Remix) 4:39 Buy from iTunes
11 Marz - "Out the Cage"(The Bully Remix) 3:22 Buy from iTunes
12 Sinisstar - "Freak of Nature"(The Bully Remix) 4:14 Buy from iTunes
13 Injected - "Faithless"(The Bully Remix) 3:20 Buy from iTunes
14 Rob Zombie - "Feel So Numb"(The Bully Remix) 3:53 Buy from iTunes