Bloodhound Gang in-the-news

99.9 the Buzz Interview with Jimmy Pop

April 4, 199799.9 the Buzz

The little "beep"'s are when Jimmy Pop pressed the number on the phone and it beeped really loud.

Picard: So you're down at the hotel?
Jimmy Pop Ali: Yes I am.
P: And uh, you guys are doing alright? You guys a little weary from traveling?
J: Yeah, it wasn't too bad of a ride last night, we slept the whole way.
P: Where'd you come from?
J: We came from Toronto. But we stoped at this really bad resteraunt that gave me uh...
P: Uht oh...
J: A hot turkey sandwich with potatoes.
P: And...
J: And I'm still feelin' it.
P: You'll be okay for the show because you are a preformer and the show must go on.
J: That's right, that's right. Even if my underwear looks like someone cleaned a Taco Bell with it.
P: Ah Jesus...
J: That's right, I still have to perform.
P: That's enough of that. So uh, the tour is going well. I just spoke to someone who's seen you actually in Cleveland...
J: Oh yeah?
P: And they said that the tour is going very well. Would that be your assesment as well?
J: They said the tour was going well, or the show was?
P: The show was and they also saw you in New York, so that's why I'm assuming...
J: Oh okay. So they've been traveling?
P: Yes...
J: Well they obviously have no lives if they're checking out the Bloodhound Gang in a lot of different markets.
P: Oh come on now..
J: Am I right? Am I right?
P: C'mon now, that's not true. I think for a while now---
J: Ya know, you can always bet I'll censor myself so like, if I feel the need to use the word... "beep".
P: Hey that's cool.
J: You like that?
P: That worked.
J: I got a lot of free time.
P: Wow... that worked very well. Is that a specific number or is that just uh, any number in general?
J: I use 5 becuase 5 works really "beep"ing well.
P: Ok. You almost missed it there.
J: No, I never miss the "beep"ing number.
P: And if, Jimmy Pop, if 5 is god...
J: The devil is 6.
P: Right. The devil would be 6.
J: That's a good feedback.
P: Are you a Pixies fan?
J: Sure... (starts whispering)
P: You guys should do a lot of whispering in your songs.
J: What'd you say?
P: You should do a lot of whispering in your songs.
J: I know. whispering is hard to do though. cos when you're out performing in front of the audience, like when you whisper they can't hear you.
P: they're like, what? what'd he just say? I don't think the pixies ever had that problem though. if anything they were always probably too loud for the audience. but anyway.
J: no no, there's a story about them. they were on the U2 Joshua Tree tour..
P: no it wasn't the Joshua Tree.
J: oh that's right, it was even later.
P: Yup. It was like '92, I think. Actually, I saw their final gig, the Pixies. it was at the old Boston Garden, opening up for U2. But what's your story involving them...
J: no, basically the story is, you firure.. when you go on the road, we're on the road with Nerf Herder. so ya know, some nights we're sleepin' in the same room together, we're hangin' out, havin' a good time.
P: right..
J: there, they never actually saw U2.
P: the pixies never saw U2?
J: on the road with them.
P: no actually you're right. I do recall reading or seeing something about that.
J: and adam, larry, bono, the edge, all had their own dressing rooms. and then, the pixies dressing room said "opening band". can you believe that?
P: Even though they were invited by U2, but they still didn't give them any inprompts at all. That's really cold. On this tour they're workin' with Oasis. That's fine, cos both bands'll be just as cold to each other.
J: That's true."Champaigne Supernova".. did you see them on MTV?
P: When?
J: When they were on for the uh, video music awards?
P: Yes.
J: He's like, "Champaigne Supernova in your BUM!" like america would be offended by, that he said the word "bum".
P: By the word "bum".
J: I was just like, oh man. I didn't like them until I saw their interviews.
P: And then you found out how cras they actually were.
J: Right, I'm just like, these guys are great... (starts mumbling with an english accent) they had to use sub-titles under them cos no one could understand what they were talkin' about.P: Yeah, I was gonna say. You were doin' well for a little while and then I started to understand you, and that wouldn't actually be Oasis. Did you hear though, one of them actually just got married. Did you see how that finally went down?
J: No, what, was that Liam?
P: Yeah, that was to Patsy Kenzit.
J: Yeah? She must be his blow connectoin.
P: On c'mon now...
J: No you c'mon now...
P: Just because they're big rock stars...
J: These guys do blow. They're doing all kinds of drugs.
P: Anyway... another question, how the hell'd you get from Gilligan to Def Lepoard as quick as you do in Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?
J: That's what they call a stream of conciousness. When noah wrote that, I said Noah that really doesn't make any sense, but, no I mean ya know, Gilligan was always somebody who always got picked on and I always thought he should...
P: So, he did get back a everyone...
J: And the drummer from Def Leopard is actually someone who somehow with one arm, not only beat his wife, but I think he beat up the guitarist from Guns and Roses too..
P: Which is actually... oh. Wow, that's sayin' something.
J: That would be fun to watch, wouldn't it?
P: It would be.
J: That one sleeve just flappin' in the wind.
P: I think it's a pay-per-view special on it's way. one armed fighting.
J: Actually the Def Leopard actually know about that song, and they told this interviewer, "They must have never had tragedy in their lives" I said, obviously they haven't seen me. I have a lot of tragedy. I'm 24 and I have pimples.
P: They really take it serious?
J: The drummer wasn't upset, but the guitarist was. That blows my mind. He's got both of his arms.
P: And their career is where?? Oh yes... in the toilet. So, the show is sold out tonight, are you happy about that?
J: I am very happy about that.
P: The show is completely sold out at Caboret tonight in Montreal.
J: I hear the place only fits 10 people.
P: Actually it's 9 because there's a broom in there now so... cos the guy cleaned it for the show tonight... so there's gonna be 9 people there. And all of them won tickets here at the buzz. It's really bizarre how that worked. So how many times have you been in Montreal? Have you ever played here?
J: Never played here.
P: what about your expierences in Canada? do you have any as far as the band's concerned?
J: Yeah, uh, well this is the first time we've ever toured Canada. Which didn't make much sence to me. We've been to Europe twice.P: Wow, Canada's closer you know.
J: Canada's closer...
P: Althought the boared can sometimes be more difficult.
J: (mumbles something about Canadian Bacon and Bryan Adams)
P: Yes, and strange brew and all that other wacky stuff.
J: Yes. You Can't Do That On Television.
P: Yes. Rick Moranis. John Candy - dead. unfortunately.
J: And a million other Saturday Night Live performers.
P: Yes, so uh. You realize you're gonna have to talk about the Canadians game tonight on stage?
J: Ah yeah, the topics.
P: Yes, you have to be topical.
J: I can do that.
P: So you'll have to mention that they scored or something and you'll be in good shape. And you also have one of our listeners up there and on stage tonight and hangin' with you all day today.
J: She will be performing with us.
P: She gonna play the spoons?
J: We had a guy actually play pots and pans, and he could hear himself but he didn't know we turned him off in the crowd cos he had no sence of rhythm whatsoever.
P: Anyway, take is easy on our listener tonight, make sure she has a good time.
J: You gonna be comin' up or you hangin' out in Burlington tonight?
P: Uh, hanging out in Burlington tonight.
J: Alright, well I'll take care of your listener.
P: You take care of her Jimmy Pop.
J: And thanx for having us.
P: Have a good time in Montreal and thanx for spending time with us.
J: No thank you.
P: No thank you.
J: No thank you.
P: Goodbye Jimmy Pop.
J: I'll talk to you later you "beep"er. Goodnight.
P: Bye
J: Buh-bye.