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aquickie interview with Lupus from the Bloodhound Gang!

February 20,

See that guy on the far right? That is Lupus, guitarist for the Bloodhound Gang! We sent him an email asking for an interview and guess what? He fuckin' did it! Much aquickie thanks goes to Lupus and for some hilarious answers to our questions. So what are you waiting for? Read on, jackass!

1) Give us your definition of 'a quickie'.

Anytime I'm too drunk to even know what's going on. Anytime I'm so drunk I don't even know who I am with.

2) Have you ever had a quickie?

Uh, yeah. Unfortunately for me.

3) If you answered 'yes' to #2 - Who, where and how long? If you answered 'no' - What are you waiting fo r?

See the answer to #1. Once I get that drunk I usually think sex might be a good idea, but once I get to that stage I couldn't have sex if I was with Christy Turlington.

4) Have any porn stars (besides Chasey Lain) requested a song be written about them?

No. Chasey Lain never requested it either. In fact after hearing it, she wasn't too happy with us. All I can say is "What the fuck?" The girl makes her living getting fucked for money on camera and she thought our song was "creepy" - how weird.

5) The Bloodhound Gang is a part of the JagerBand roster. Is that your liquor of choice?

Definitely. Jagermeister has been our sponsor since day one. In fact they're our first ever sponsor. They kick ass. Rick Zeiler (our rep at Jagermeister) has become more than just a rep for us...he's a good friend. He just invited me to Vegas this weekend. He's bringing cases of jagermeister and Grey Goose vodka (Sydney Frank also imports that). In my freezer at the moment is a bottle of Jagermeister and 2 bottles of Grey Goose vodka (and a bottle of Midori that some girl left at my house....blech). This weekend consisted of a good Jagermeister fueled evening that led to me running down the street with a fistful of money screaming "Hot dog and cheese!" Apparently I wanted to get one from 7-11. I however, don't remember any of it. Jagermeister gave us a tap machine for the bus that holds three bottles and serves them ice cold. Its a beautiful machine. The first night we had it, we went through 7 bottles.

6) Any Jagermeister concoctions you would like to share with our aquickiemaniacs?

I'm a fan of the straight Jagermeister. I have had it with pineapple juice which is ok. One of the Jager girls introduced me to Jagermeister and RedBull while on tour...that's a tasty one. RedBull and vodka is good so I think RedBull must go with just about anything.

7) Ever tried to do an inverted beer bong?

I've never been good at them. I just don't have that throat opening action required for stuff like that. Maybe if I was a girl and trained with the deep throat action I could do it. I've know a lot of girls that say its just like doing that. I don't know though and I don't care to find out.

8) You were Metal Sludge's 1st interview. Have you noticed an increase of chicks hitting on you since then?

I think its funny that I was the first. I hear about them all the time from journalists (they've read the interview online and base some questions off of it). I guess there have been more girls since...but I think that's because we've become more popular. Then again, maybe its all about Metal Sludge (which is a great site by the way).

9) Ever kissed a girl 'where it smells funny'?

Funny you should ask. The first time I ever went down on a girl, put it simply, I didn't know what I was doing and neither did she. So I got down there, knowing that I was "supposed" to do it, and it smelled completely rank. I wanted to throw up...then I looked down in her underwear (her pants and underwear were still around her ankles), not sure why I did, but I looked down...and there was a huge fucking pad with blood on it right there staring back at me. I was freaked out (I was still getting all the info you know?) and didn't know what that was all about. So needless to say I aborted my attempt. It was a long time before I tried it again. The next girl I tried it with had done it before and didn't like it didn't happen much with her either. I think I've just told you way too much.

10) If a girl wanted to get backstage at a Bloodhound Gang show, who would she have to blow?

Who would she have to give blow to? Oh sorry, I misread your question. Just kidding. Um, we don't let a lot of people backstage...that's kind of our refuge during the night. At venues where we have large backstage areas and a lot of rooms, we sometimes set aside a "party" room where we invite people back. That's usually done by our buddy Regis, who tours with us and acts as an assistant to us. He'll give out passes to people who do stupid things (he gives them challenges) or just seem cool. Then he'll bring them back after the show and we'll go hang out and drink after we've cleaned up. That usually doesn't work well though, cause when you get people in a big cement room, with nothing to do...well, once we get there they just sort of sit there and stare and they don't want to hang out, they just want autographs. Its really uncomfortable. The real fun is our infamous "bus party". This is where we let people on the bus randomly and let them drink all of our free liquor. It gets pretty nuts cause a bus isn't a big place. Everyone's packed in, you can't see through the smoke, the music's blasting, and you can't move at all. Plus, since there's alcohol, everyone gets to be a mess. Its a lot of fun. As for blowing anyone though...we don't really like that kind of shit going on (the old "blow the roadie to meet the band" kind of stuff). Anytime I've heard of a crew member pulling that shit I've yelled at them and they have been fined. Its only happened three times that I know of and the two people who did it no longer work for us. That's just not cool. Now if a girl wants to blow a roadie for her own reasons...well then, I'm all for it.

11) During your concert in Columbus, Ohio, you offered money to people to try to accomplish the following: 1) Eat 10 Big Macs & 2) Wet themselves onstage. Both of them failed. Has anyone ever succeeded? (Note - concert was attended by Spank)

The first one (the Big Mac Challenge) is changed all the time as to what the person has to consume. We've used a case of Dr. Pepper, a case of Coke, two gallons of sauerkraut, 12 very spicy curries, 12 deep fried Mars bars (a strange Scottish thing that I don't understand) and of course the Big Macs (once in Memphis they had peanut butter and bananas on them in honor of Elvis) - once we also did a gallon of milk and a pound of butter (but realized that's not too safe). Only one person has ever gotten the $100 (from the Dr. Pepper) and he didn't quite finish. We found quite a few cans with good sized gulps left in them, but he did an amazing job, so Evil Jared gave him the dough. The pissing in the pants thing...yeah, we had people do it almost every night on the last US tour. Some were really good. I remember one guy actually squirting a stream out through his do you pee so hard through jeans that it actually comes out in a solid stream? Ewwwwww.

12) What's the strangest thing a fan asked you to sign?

Back in 1997 on the One Fierce Beer Run, I remember signing a girl's asshole. Not her ass, her asshole. She asked, had a nice ass, so we obliged. Lately no one has asked me to sign anything wacky.

13) Have you ever done the following simultaneously: Giving a chick anal tongue darts and playing video games?

Nope. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 takes too much concentration.

14) Have you ever sported a chubby while playing onstage?

More than once. One time I had taken a few illegal substances in the middle of a was something I should have never made me insane and this girl in the front row was really hot and I got really turned was a mess. I fucked up Fire Water Burn really bad that night. I never did that again. But yeah, sure sometimes its like anything else, you get turned on for whatever reason...and you have to play a show. I've also pissed myself and once while very sick, shit myself. I don't know how many shows I've pissed while my tech was getting my next guitar ready....just whipped it out and pissed right there on the side of the stage. I always warn him where I did it he doesn't step in it. My tech, Hoops, is the man...he's put up with a lot of gross stuff. I've spit on him (by accident), pissed near his stuff, thrown up near him, bled on him...too much to name. I love the guy for putting up with me.

15) What porno should we review next on our website?

I'm partial to Seymore Butts. That guy's a genius. I heard awhile back that Alicia Klass (did I spell that right?) left him. Ahhh, what I wouldn't do to meet her. Squirting girls...what's cooler than that?

16) What member of the Bloodhound Gang would win in a drinking contest?

It depends upon the night. Evil Jared and I would definitely be a close call. QBall can drink a lot, but he likes Coors Light...that's like drinking water. If Jimmy Pop gets in a drinking mode, he can drink a shitload of vodka.

17) We read on your site that you were homeless for a month. Did you sleep with any homeless chicks?

I smelled to bad to even be liked by anyone. Plus I didn't hang out with the homeless.

18) What is your 'pick-up' line when trying to hook up with a chick?

I'm not much for lines...I'm just more of a let's get drunk and see what happens kind of guy. I like girls that are a bit more aggressive too, so that makes "lines" unnecessary.

19) Do you need any 'temporary' roadies on your next tour?

Haha. If I had a dime for everytime I've been asked. My dad asks me all the time. We have a pretty good crew that we're happy with. Who knows maybe something will open up.

20) Any closing thoughts (Last and only chance to plug your band, website, etc.)?

Why would I want to do that? If they bothered to read through all this stuff they already know everything they need to know. We're going to record a new record soon. So maybe I could mention that. Um yeah, so we're recording a record soon. Our website is being rebuilt from the ground up and will be pretty cool once we're done with it. I like monkeys. Our sound man only has one testicle and once gave another boy a blowjob (when he was 12). Evil Jared's dad is deaf. I like Jimmy's parents. They rock. Your website is cool. I like it. I live in a crappy apartment. My phone number, nevermind. I wish I could just give it out just to see who would call. Maybe I should get a second phone line for laughs. That would be cool. Um, since you guys love porn, can I just tell you about the time I met Nikki Dial? She did a photo shoot with us and all day I was staring at her and thinking about how cute she was and how she looked like someone...when it hit me I felt like a moron. She autographed a sticker for me. She shared a cab home with Jimmy Pop and they drank Jagermeister (it was a Jagermeister photo shoot). I was jealous. She's cute. She's nice. She used to be a porn star. Where am I going with this? I don't know. I just figured I'd name drop a bit. Haha. Okay, I'm done...really I am.

Now that was fucking funny! Again, aquickie thanks goes to Lupus! You want to know more about Lupus and the Bloodhound Gang? Visit them at