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Bloodhound Gang accused of racism

May 3, 2000worldpop

The Asian American Women's Alliance has accused The Bloodhound Gang of racism over the group's song Yellow Fever and have set up a website where people can add their voice to the protest. features a petition alongside the lyrics to the song in an attempt to stop the group's 5 May concert at an annual camp College Park, Maryland.

The offending song was originally issued on the album One Fierce Beer Coaster when it was released on the Republic imprint, but was dropped from the CD when it was reissued by Geffen. The lyrics from the song include the line 'Cause I ride my slant eyed slope like a brand new Kawasaki. She's like an oriental rug cause I lay her when I please.' In a recent interview, Jimmy Pop stated, 'We're not trying to shock anybody, we're just saying things that we laugh at.'

The Bloodhound Gang this month begin a 15-city tour of the US to promote their latest album Horray For Boobies. They are supported by Nerf Herder, a pop-punk group whose singer Parry Gripp originally came up with the name Bloodhound Gang when they toured together a couple of years ago.