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Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot, Unform, Charlie, Kilo - Single Review

December 9, 2005David Adair

Have you ever pondered as to what The Fun Lovin Criminals jamming with Good Charlotte, whilst watching the Playboy Channel would sound like? No, I must admit I haven’t either, but the answer is here anyway. Jimmy Pop Ali spells out the manifesto of this cheeky, but loveable pop/rock outfit, with help from the teasing and booming bass line of Chasey Lain.

The phonetic foolery displayed will get many kids out of trouble, as they stretch the boundaries of acceptability, demonstrating that age old ability to swear with nonchalance and without appearing offensive. Doesn’t that defeat the point though? Oh well, Bloodhound Gang have produced an infectious romp that could see them return to the mainstream; a territory has been alien to them since ‘Bad Touch’.