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Bloodhound Gang "Hooray for Boobies" (Interscope)

March 20, 2000Concetta “Princess” Kirschner
On the Rack

With songs like "Yummy Down on This," which delicately refers to a blow-job, and "A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying," the Bloodhound Gang ditch all notions of PC for some of the most incredible lyrics I've ever heard. Jimmy Pop, the wizard behind the Gang, sings songs about the things he would do if he were God—"Thou shall not cut footloose"—over a crappy rock/synth beat.

Wearing their whiteness on their sleeves, Bloodhound Gang don't mourn for Biggie, but rather for Falco (of "Rock Me Amadeus" fame), and their rapping skills follow suit. Think Beastie Boys circa 1980—before, uh, they knew how to rhyme. But the Beasties only wish they could be as funny and outrageous as the Gang, and the Gang only wish they could have beats like the Beasties: Unfortunately the music behind the brilliance on "Boobies" is simplistic and firmly rooted in the worst part of the '80s. But when you got lyrics like "Life is like a penis/Most people don't know it/But most people suck/So they usually blow it," who cares?