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"Bloodhound Gang"

September 22, 1995Patrick Wilkins
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Bloodhound Gang
Use Your Fingers Sony

I really didn't want to like this album. The cover photos are trashy, the song titles are simply offensive, and a look at the lyric sheet reveals nothing much beyond the typical chauvinist lyrics typified by the macho likes of Onyx and Sir Mix-a-Lot.

It's true, this is a juvenile album _ no earth-saving or conciousness-raising by these guys. The Bloodhound Gang, however, redeem themselves by keeping at least part of someone's tongue in cheek at all times.

The album's twenty tracks include seven short non-musical selections, including Rip Taylor's degenerate introduction, "The Evils of Placenta Hustling," "Shitty Record Offer" (GNR fans beware), and the final hidden track (appropriated from... let's just call it a 'home movie').

There are even a few covers -- "Kids in America" and the theme song to "K.I.D.S. Incorporated" (the "Saved By the Bell" of the late 80's).

It would be too easy to compare these guys to the Beastie Boys, but I'll do it anyway. Musically, if not lyrically, Use Your Fingers captures the spirit of the B-Boy's 1989 album Paul's Boutique.

They've got the funk spirit, sense of humour, and enough variety to keep the album flowing. The occasional forays into the metal universe don't hurt either.

A warning _ if you find yourself offended by lyrics, save yourself some moralizing and stay away from this disk. "She Ain't Got No Legs," a love song to a wheelchair-bound woman, not only approaches the line of bad taste, but crosses it and stays for two minutes and twenty eight seconds.

With songs like "You're Pretty When I'm Drunk", the Bloodhound Gang certainly can't be called respectable, but dammit all, they're fun.