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Bloodhound Gang run into trouble

May 3, 2000worldpop

American shock-rockers The Bloodhound Gang have been riding high in the worldpop global singles chart with The Bad Touch, but they ran into trouble this week when their video was shown for the first time on MTV in the USA.

The video for The Bad Touch came under fire from The Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) after a scene where the band beat up a gay couple walking through the streets of Paris.

A spokesman for GLAAD said 'I know it's a satire - I mean, come on, the band is dressed as monkeys - but a gay-bashing scene in any context in today's climate is not acceptable.' MTV reviewed the video and the record company agreed to cut the offending scene.

A couple in New Zealand also lodged a complaint against a radio station in New Zealand who played The Bloodhound Gang, claiming the song's lyrics breached the norms of decency and good taste.

Expect further storms later this month when the band release The Bad Touch in the UK.