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Bloodhound Gang: The Bad Touch (The Eiffel 65 Mix)

March 4, 2000Chuck Taylor

BLOODHOUND GANG The Bad Touch (The Eiffel 65 Ill (3:33)

PRODUCER: not listed
WRITER: not listed
PUBLISHER: not listed Geffen (CD promo)

Forget science and politics here. We're talking animalistic attraction in a song that orders the public to "get horny now," via a lyric that goes, "You and me, baby, ain't nothing but mammals/so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel." Bloodhound Gang have come up with its most accessible single yet, with this song remixed to full contemporary effect by Eiffel 65 of "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" fame. This is clearly a novelty record with a quickly spoken-not rapped-lyric that could easily go either way, as a quick hit at top 40 and rhythmic radio or as a massive groan by programmers who give it a spin and move along to the next contender. Yeah, it's cute and clever, but hardly substantive. Actually, it's a shame to think that this might earn merit where the more deserving falter, but radio, this one is in your hands.