Bloodhound Gang in-the-news

Bloodhound Gang to Team With 'N Sync(?!?)

April 25,

Hooray for what? After meeting up at a recent Bloodhound Gang show, kooky monkeys Bloodhound Gang and boy toys 'N Sync have decided (gasp!)to collaborate? Uh-huh. We were under the distinct impression that members of the Bloodhound Gang were pretty resolved in their support of boobies, not boy bands, but whatever. Bloodhound frontman Jimmy Pop told that he doesn't want discuss the nature of the collaboration, except to say that "it's kind of sick... It won't put them in a bad light and it won't put us in a good light so it should work out." Pop would offer no further details about the proposed track, but did profess an admiration for 'N Sync, feeling they surpass other boy bands in terms of career management. But let's get back to this collaboration thing. Whatever it might be, all we ask is that it involves members of 'N Sync dressed as primordial aquatic creatures professing their undying devotion to "Titties."