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Bloodhound Gang, Use Your Fingers

August 19, 1995Bob Gajarsky
Consumable Online

Imagine the Beastie Boys in their pre-Licensed To Ill days, without Rick Rubin to guide them and with their creativity being (as yet) unfulfilled. Now, put them in the middle of Pennsylvania, and you've got the Bloodhound Gang.

Is the group's name a reference to the detectives on the 1980's public television kids show, 3-2-1 Contact? Damned if I know. But they throw out references to any and all cultural references from the 1970's to the 1990's, from Rip Taylor (the Gong Show! among other things) to Star Search and everything in between.

The album is Use Your Fingers and the first single, "Mama Say", is a take on the gibberish spouted by Michael Jackson on his single, "Wanna Be Startin' Something". And with samples from "Goodhumor Man" and "Save A Prayer", the gang come this close to producing a perfect trailer-park rap song.

Unfortunately, that's the theme of the album - almost getting there. The deliberate tempo switches of the songs gets tiresome after a while, which is a shame - their lyrics, while possibly offensive (and definitely not politically correct) to some, are really funny and their non-rap cover of Kim Wilde's "Kids In America" comes off without a hitch.

They even attempted to sample an unknown Cure song, but were turned down. So, in the liner notes, they say "If you see them (the Cure) walking down the street, hold them down and make them eat red meat". That's typical for the humor injected here - who else would sing the K.I.D.S. Incorporated theme?

In conclusion, it's not your standard white rap album, and it's not the Beastie Boys. But it does deserve a chance at your local record store's listening booth.