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Bloodhound Gang's Trouble In Moscow

June 15, 2000Craig Rosen
Yahoo! Music

Bloodhound Gang's Evil Jared was temporarily incarcerated by Moscow police after his onstage striptease Tuesday (June 13). The shtick is a regular part of the bassist's act, but authorities in the Russian capital were less than pleased with his frontal exposure. He was questioned and released.

This is not the first time the Gang has been in trouble overseas. Singer/songwriter Jimmy Pop told LAUNCH about a run-in in Switzerland during one recent tour. "What happened was, we played in November in Zurich and the bass player [Evil Jared] and I started throwing up in each other's mouths, just back and forth on stage, and word got around so that we were going to play in February and they were giving us a hard time about it," he said. "They tried to close the show down the day of it and things like that."

The Bloodhound Gang's European tour continues, with the group in Seinajoki, Finland on Friday (June 9). The band may have been banned in Zurich, but they've got two Swiss dates on their current European tour: July 7 in Frauenfeld and July 27 in Nyon.