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Bloodhound On The Trail

September 22,

When Bloodhound Gang last toured, it was back in the carefree days of 2000, when Howard Stern was a relative blip on the FCC's radar and long before Janet Jackson and Bono had the censors on the warpath.
On that tour, the unapologetically sophomoric rockers reportedly paid audience members to wet their pants, get naked, and/or eat until they vomited - all preferably onstage. The band chose to cancel a Boise, Idaho, show that year rather than comply with a promoter's orders not to engage in several of the rumored activities.

So has the Bloodhound Gang toned down its act, given the current political climate? Signs say no.

The band's new single, "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo," spells out Michael Powell's least favorite word in radio code, and its lyrics take sexual metaphor to new heights. Their new album, Hefty Fine, also pushes a boundary or two by featuring a very large, very naked man on the cover.

Fans will find out just how much the group has matured starting October 5, when its first tour in nearly five years kicks off in Fort Worth, Ariz.

The North American leg stretches until the end of the month, with dates in California, the Midwest, Canada and the East Coast. Then it's off to the U.K., where they'll perform throughout the first half of November before heading across Europe for two more weeks of shows.

The Euro trek concludes November 30 in Paris.