Bloodhound Gang in-the-news

Bloodhounds Gank Floyd

May 1,

Don't get me wrong, I like mammals (almost as much as I like crafts!), but friends, I do not wish to hump them. Having said that, let's talk about the Bloodhound Gang, whose recent single "Bad Touch" has much to say about the humping of our small furry friends. The band's third album Hooray for Boobies has sold approximately 600,000 copies in the U.S. to date, thanks in no small part to a recent firestorm of controversy surrounding their song "Right Turn Clyde." The song's chorus contains the chant: "All in all you're just another dick with no balls." We think that's a hoot. But we also know that it's a melody borrowed from Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2." But BG guitarist Lupus Thunder told Wall of Sound that nary a word was said about the song-that is until 300,000 copies of the Boobies disc had been printed. Only then did a legal expert at Interscope Records call attention to the song, and advise the band to seek clearance from Pink Floyd or else risk copyright infringement. To make a long story short, the albums were held, the Floyd people said no way, the albums were subsequently destroyed. But like any zany plot, there's an unexpected twist: Three days after the discs are destroyed, get this, Roger Waters himself grants the band permission. But, like, the albums are already destroyed! Here's the kicker: Even though the debacle caused the album's U.S. release date to be suspended, Thunder feels its European success paved the way for its wonderfully warm reception stateside. Now that's comedy. Or is it irony. In related news, the pig...the...pig is coming the PIG is coming the PIG THE PIG THE PIG!