Bloodhound Gang in-the-news

Bloodhounds Play Controversial Campus Gig

May 4,

The Bloodhound Gang (yes, yes y'all, boobies!) will play a school-sponsored University of Maryland at College Park gig this Friday, despite the fact that many students there hate them. But really, several groups on campus have recently called for a protest of the band (most popular for their avid sanctioning of mammal-sex in', "The Bad Touch"), calling many of their lyrics offensive and damaging. The song "Yellow Fever" sparked the protests when students heard the track last month. Sample lyrics include: "I told her every Soon Yi needs a little Woody...I said I needed her to do and her to do my laundry...She was made in Taiwan I said I'm O.K. with that. Just promise me you'll never try to eat my cat. Chinky chinky bang bang I love you." Needless to say, this has caused a bit of a tiff with Asian American organizations and a myriad other student groups claiming the band's lyrics promote racial stereotypes extending way beyond harmless satire. The song even prompted the coalition to spawn a recent online petition ( to remove the band from the college's annual Art Attack concert (also featuring OutKast and Nerf Herder). But despite all the hoopla, the university's Student Entertainment Events staff decided to keep the Gang on the bill. "Yellow Fever" does not actually exist on an album (only on a rare 7"), though it began making the rounds MP3-style last month. According to a statement released by the organization: "SEE apologizes for the personal offense bringing this band has caused some of our fellow students. However, after re-evaluation, we stand by the same reasons we chose this band to perform in the first place." What reasons were those, we wonder? Could it be...BOOBIES? The band contends their lyrics are all for humor's sake.