Bloodhound Gang in-the-news

Just pass the chicken tikkas: c goes on the trail of the Bloodhound Gang

June 24, 2000Keith Watson
The Guardian

Girls kissing girls, boys kissing boys, vomit and porn-star tributes. Just another night for the Bloodhound Gang. The world of pop has rediscovered the teen market with a vengeance. For all those adolescents who snigger at Britney and think with their hormones, the Bloodhound Gang, along with fellow college faves Blink 182 and Kid Rock, are music's big new thing, and their mission is to be as stupid as they want to be.

Mixing hip hop sounds with metal guitars and tongue-in-cheek lyrics about sex, boredom and genitalia, the Gang have garnered Grammy nominations and a UK top 10 hit with The Bad Touch. Not that the music seems to count for much: as with many American acts, it's the show that counts.

While songs like Along Comes Mary and Fire Water Burn are pop for kids who think the Beastie Boys are a bit difficult, it's the anything- goes atmosphere and stunts that matter to the crowd. Be surprised as frontman Jimmy Pop offers $20 to anyone who climbs down from the London Astoria's balcony and makes it to the stage! Be amazed at the sight of a fat bloke having four pretty girls sit on him, gyrating to the kickin' beats! Gasp as another volunteer offers to down five chicken tikkas during the gig for $100! Imagine the movie Ameri can Pie set to a Cypress Hill-meets-Pet Shop Boys soundtrack and you're on the right track.

The band - crowd-surfing bassist Evil Jared Hasselhoff, DJ Q- Ball, Lupus Thunder and drummer Willie the New Guy - are tight and polished, but it's the Frankie Goes to Hollywood samples and sudden excursions into songs by Destiny's Child and Oasis that surprise.

As the chicken tikka boy is offered $20 and a T-shirt to vomit over Jimmy Pop and then "make out" with him - an offer he happily takes up - you wonder if the Bloodhound Gang really find this fun. You have to wonder how long they can go on. Stupid is as stupid does.

The Bloodhound Gang play Glasgow Barrowlands (0141-552 4601) tomorrow, then tour.