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Ciao For Now Bloodhound Gang

April 5, Staff
Chart Attack

Jimmy Pop, frontman from the Bloohound Gang has put aside his monkey suit and is taking on a side project with South Carolina’s hard-rock quintet, Isabelle’s Gift.

Isabelle’s Gift and the Bloodhound Gang initially met in 1996, and toured together during the Bloodhound Gang’s Hooray For Boobies tour last year. After a successful string of dates, Jimmy Pop was inspired to expose the band through his own label, Jimmy Franks Recording Company, with the help of his manager Ifan Thomas. In Jimmy's words, working with Isabelle’s Gift makes him feel as though he's doing his part to fight against the evil in this world.

Isabelle’s Gift, is described as a Sabbath/Skynyrd hybrid. They're set to release their new album, Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms on April 24. Their new CD is full of hardcore tunes surely for the moshing, crowd surfing and head banging.

—Jennifer Enns