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Evil Jared Hasselhoff's Verdict on V2000 Festival

August 17, 2000Becky Ross
Melody Maker

How did it go tonight?

"It went really good. But you get to see zero tits here. I mean, in America when you walk onstage you're guaranteed to see 15 tits. It's the greatest festival we've ever played! Aaargh! (fakes an orgasm) What festival is it again?"

You're looking pretty pissed...

"Yeah, I'm really drunk. Supergrass will be very upset that we puked all over the stage." So, now you've played, are you on the pull? "Seeing as I brought a date here, I don't expect to get laid. I wasn't really looking at the ladies."

That'll damage your reputation...

"Ha! I pretty much fuck anyone. I mean why the fuck else would I join a band? At high school I was a loser. I didn't get laid 'til I was 19. For some reason, girls, when they see a guy with a guitar on, whether he can play it or not - go 'Oooooh wow, something's itching between my thighs.' It gets the juices flowing. Everyone who was really cool at high school on the football team and dating cheerleaders is now married with kids and they'll inherit their father's airconditioning company. Us losers figured the only way to get laid was if we were in a band. When I was 17, I couldn't pay girls to fuck me. Now I could have a different girl every night if I wanted to."

Interview taken from Melody Maker by Becky Ross.