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Bloodhound Gang, Ricky Martin, Sasha Among Germany's Echo Awards Winners

March 9, 2000Gabriella

Bloodhound Gang, Ricky Martin, Cher, Sasha, and Buena Vista Social Club were among the winners at Germany's Echo Awards, held Thursday (March 9) in Hamburg, Germany at the Congress Center.

Bloodhound Gang was -- as expected -- quite a fresh breeze and (of course) up to their usual stage antics. Bassist Evil had the female fans chanting "Evil Sex Machine," while he marched into the venue. Judging from his huge grin he seemed to enjoy himself while he was leering into several cleavages, no doubt in search for a pair of boobies worthy of a "Hooray." But even he seemed to find the occasion a bit stiff, so as the crowing glory he dropped his pants when he accepted the Best International Newcomer Award.

Best International Band honors, meanwhile, went to Buena Vista Social Club (who also got the award for Best National or International Jazz Production) and Ry Cooder.

Ricky Martin -- who was mobbed by teenage girls before the show -- and Cher were named Best International Artist (Male) and Best International Artist (Female), respectively; while the local honors for Best National Artist (Male) and Best National Artist (Female) went to Xavier Naidoo and Sabrina Setlur.

It was not only the ninth anniversary of Germany's Echo Awards, but also the first year when the honors were presented online. Internet users had the chance to vote for the winner of Best International Artist Female, Best Comedy Production of the Year, and the Special Echo Crossover Award (a crossover between classical and pop) -- another sign that the Echo Awards have gained importance and range now as the 3rd biggest Awards in the music business, right after the Grammy and the Brit Awards. Only a small number of tickets were available for the general audience and eager fans tried to secure them on the black market in front of the location.

Presenter Kim Fisher tried her best to keep the situation lively, but even scheduled performer and winner Cher cancelled for health reasons at the 11th hour, but thanked her audience via video for the award.

Here is a select list of the 2000 Echo Award winners:

Best National Artist (Male): Xavier Naidoo
Best National Artist (Female) : Sabrina Setlur
Best International Artist (Male): Ricky Martin
Best International Artist (Female): Cher
Best National Band: Die Fantastischen Vier
Best International Band: Buena Vista Social Club with Ry Cooder
Best German "Schlager" (Easy Listening) Artist (Male): Wolfgang Petry
Best German "Schlager" Artist (Female) : Claudia Jung
Best German "Schlager" Band: the Flippers
Best German Folk Artist or Band: Kastelruther Spatzen
Best Comedy Production: Mundstuhl

Best International Selling German Artist: Lou Bega
Best Selling National Rock/Pop Song: Lou Bega, "Mambo No. 5"
Most Successful Dance Song: Loona, "Mamboleo"
Best National or International Jazz Production: Buena Vista Social Club, Buena Vista Social Club
Best National Producer: Stefan Raab
National Pop Newcomer : Ferris MC
National General Newcomer: Sasha
International Newcomer: Bloodhound Gang
Life Achievement for a German Artist: Hildegard Knef
Best National Video: Eicht, "Du Trägst Keine Liebe In Dir"
Special Crossover Award: Andre Rieu