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Hooray for Jimmy: An Interview with the Bloodhound Gang

June 1, 2000Jon Wiederhorn
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From its very inception, rock 'n' roll has been about liberation and irreverence. Judging merely by those criteria, the Bloodhound Gang could be one of the greatest bands of the last decade. Musically, they're pretty cool too, perverting hip-hop, heavy metal, alt-pop and potty humor into an infectious and clever hybrid. But it's their smirking, un-P.C. naughtiness that makes their songs so compelling.

It's also gotten them in a fair amount of trouble. Frontman Jimmy Pop has repeatedly been called homophobic, misogynistic, and racist. For the most part, his inability to take anything seriously has made such accusations roll off him like butter from a heated pan. In conversation, Pop is witty and affable, enthusiastically shrugging off probing questions with dirty one-liners. But he's also surprisingly candid, openly discussing his hedonistic exploits, sexual pursuits, and personal inadequacies. recently sat down with Pop to rap about vomit-filled road tales, his writing job for a gay porno mag, and his soft spot for 'N Sync. I hear you've been hanging out with 'N Sync, and may even record a song with them. What's up with that?
Jimmy Pop: We played a show in Orlando, and we had a VIP area set aside for 'N Sync because we knew they were coming. We put on matching outfits, did a synchronized dance routine and performed the song "Tearing Up My Heart" by 'N Sync. Our tour manager was up there and saw that they were enjoying themselves, so he said, "Would you like to roll the case out onstage?" So, Lance and Joey rolled the 'N Sync case out [on stage]. We met them afterwards and we went out to this bar, and by six o'clock in the morning we were so drunk. Talk about rock 'n' roll. Any good stories?
JP: It was a good time. That's all I can say. I know that night I had a lot of Jagermeister, and I talked a lot of bullshit, and I think I [performed oral sex on] a stripper. It was kind of like [performing oral sex on] a tackle box because she had all kinds of piercings. It wasn't as great as you think. Any other good tales of debauchery?
JP: We were in Berlin to play a show, and we were drinkin' all this Jager. I went a little crazy, [so] a fan named Corks put me in a cab, and I woke up in a hotel bathtub covered in Jagermeister vomit. I got up to look for the tour bus, and it was nowhere in sight. I wound up having to take a train from Berlin to Hamburg for the next show. You write pretty raunchy, borderline offensive stuff that has pissed off some civil rights groups.
JP: The whole goal is to just make my friends laugh and to try to have a good time. If you go through our records we're as hard on ourselves as we are on anybody else. We do address stereotypes about all kinds of people, but there are little truths to every stereotype, and that's what makes the stuff funny, whether it's about how inadequate I am in bed or something else. You're inadequate in bed?
JP: I think the reason why I like to [perform oral sex on] girls has to do with the fact that I don't last very long [in bed]. If I can get them going like a San Francisco trolley, and then jump on it like Rerun in the beginning of What's Happening, then I'm all set. You write for a gay magazine called Homosex. Why?
JP: People in Europe thought I was homophobic, so I started writing for it. These gay magazines are much more real because if you read Penthouse or Hustler, the girls are all going, "Oh my pussy's so hot. I'm so wet for you." No girls really talk like that. But with gay magazines you've got guys who think with their dicks writing for people who think with their dicks. It's perfect. So, I've been doing these articles about the heterosexual life for Homosex. Our bassist Evil Jared is gonna pose for the magazine. They wanted me to do it, but I'm not terribly well endowed. How are you with the ladies?
JP: It's funny because we were playing Milwaukee today, and the girl working the ticket booth was really cute. Here we are, we've sold five million records or whatever, and I couldn't go up and talk to her. I sent somebody else over and they said, "My friend likes you." I'm not very good with the girls unless I'm really drunk. Then I'm okay. Describe your first sexual experience?
JP: It was with my first long-term girlfriend. I was 16, and it wasn't that bad. It wasn't a horror story or anything like that. I don't think she enjoyed [oral sex], but it was my first time doing that. I always used to practice on my Subway sandwich, but I didn't have it down by the time I actually did it. Any tips?
JP: If you find a girl that has an almost non-existant clitoris, then you should lick the alphabet, like Sam Kinison said. But if she has one, then you're pretty much all set. I would definitely say I'm a master.