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Jimmy Pop of the Bloodhound Gang

April 27, 2000Jenny Eliscu
Rolling Stone

Jimmy Pop of the Bloodhound Gang

"HOME IMPROVEMENT" Being in the Bloodhound Gang, you're surrounded by sex and drugs and booze and all these evil things, and Home Improvement was like a little piece ofa Norman Rockwell painting. I would tape it religiously, and when I was home for a couple of days, I would sit there with a pizza and just watch episode after episode.

DEPECHE MODE They were the ones that got me into synthesizers and samplers. They weren't really speaking to me. Like, I wasn't wearing black and thinking, "They're so right. I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors." I went to the Black Celebration tour, and I'm the only guy there wearing a Hawaiian shirt. But I love them.

BASEBALL CAPS Since I was little, my mother always made me wear baseball caps. It's funny, because I see Fred Durst wear 'em and wonder, "is he wearing a baseball cap because he's bald?" Now I don't wear 'em much. But when I don't, I honestly feel naked.

BERLIN It's taking over where Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris and London left off. I spent New Year's there this year, and it was by far the wildest New Year's I've ever had. Every single person had quarter sticks of dynamite, and they would just light 'em up and throw them.

WAFFLE HOUSE It's a chain down South, similar to Denny's. You can get hash browns, grits, a chicken sandwich, iced tea, coffee, pie and a waffle, and the bill comes to, like, five bucks. But you can't order the hash browns with cheese, you have to order them "covered," and if you want onions,you have to say "smothered." So ifyou say, I want hash browns with cheese and onions,"the waitress says, "You mean you want them scattered, smothered and covered."

The Bloodhound Gang's new album is "Hooray for Boobies."