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More Sex for Bloodhound Gang

June 20, 2001Jolie Lash

New album due by year's end

With the dust having settled on the picket signs, the Bloodhound Gang are gearing up to stir the pot once more with the follow-up to 2000's Hooray for Boobies.

The Gang, whose naughty rhymes and videos raised the ire of women's groups, gay rights groups and Asian-American groups, are preparing to converge on frontman Jimmy Pop's home studio in Philadelphia to record its fourth studio album. So far they've penned six songs -- including one called "Fox Trot Uniform Charlie Kilo" -- for the album, which is due out on Interscope by the end of the year. The band plans to tour in 2002.

"Everyone used 'Millennium' and that didn't leave us with much," Pop quips of the album so far lacking a title. "Robbie [Williams] and the Backstreet Boys used it, and 'Chocolate Starfish' was taken. There's nothing left. We'll have to think of something."

According to Pop, 'N Sync are likely to make a guest appearance on the effort. The two groups formed a friendship after meeting at a Bloodhound Gang show last year. "We went down to their show here in Philadelphia last week," he says. "They're just really cool guys. I would rather spend time with those guys than most of the bands out there just, because they are so down to earth."

Lyrically, Bloodhound Gang fans can expect -- surprise! -- songs about sex. "It seems as I get older and older, it's more about sex," Pop says. "Before, we put on whatever we thought was funny, whether it be making fun of ourselves or others. As time goes on, it seems to be less and less about that and more about sex."