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December 18, 1997Clarence Moore
Journal Star

Goldfinger and Bloodhound Gang

Performance: The Wednesday night concert was no doubt one of the craziest and most chaotic rock shows presented at the Madison Theater this year.
Attendance: An estimated 1,300
Quick take: Due to the show's late start, the headline act, Goldfinger, had not performed by the time this report was filed.

The Bloodhound Gang, a New Jersey-based punk/pop band, gave a hyperactive performance that featured an eclectic range of music and often included creative and sometimes irreverent lyrics mixed with strong pop melodies and rap beats.

The band, led by front man Jimmy Pop, treated concert-goers to a free-wheeling and loose show.

Fast facts: Goldfinger is a Los Angeles-based quartet whose music gets put into all sorts of different categories: power punk, metal, reggae and straight-ahead rock.

The band's first major hit single, "Here in Your Bedroom," was described as ska -- a musical style seen as an adrenalized cousin of reggae music.

However, the members of Goldfinger prefer to think of themselves as a unit of talented and capable musicians who can play all kinds of popular music.

Goldfinger's latest album release is titled "Hang-Ups." And yes, the band did cop its name from a popular villain in an old James Bond film.

Full review: This was reported by critic Clarence Moore. Look for a full review of the performance in Friday's Journal Star.