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*NSync Gives Bloodhound Gang An Assist In Orlando

April 18, 2000Pat Berkery

If you've caught the Bloodhound Gang on its current tour, you know the group takes five matching outfits from an *NSync footlocker and reprises the choreographed dance routine from the video for "The Bad Touch."

During their show Monday (April 17) night at Orlando's Hard Rock Live, the members of the Bloodhound Gang got a celebrity assist when hometown heartthrobs Joey Fatone and Lance Bass from *NSync rolled the footlocker out onstage. The Bloodhound Gang's Jimmy Pop and Q-Ball followed the dance number with a brief reading of *NSync's "Tearin' Up My Heart." At least we know they've got a sense of humor.

Pictured left to right are Fatone, Bass, Pop, and Q-Ball. (photo by the Bloodhoung Gang's tour manager, Ifan Thomas).