Bloodhound Gang in-the-news

One on one: Evil Jared Hasselhoff of Bloodhound Gang

May 30, 2000Chris Novak
The Columbia Chronicle

At Jamboree, The Bloodhound Gang proved to be the most entertaining band with their various onstage antics. And they are just as amusing off the stage as they are on, as I discovered when I had the pleasure of interviewing Evil Jared Hasselhoff, bassist of The Bloodhound Gang. He had a lot to say about the controversy of the song “Yellow Fever,” with it’s extremely bigoted comments about the Asian Culture, and their recent and rapid fame.

Tell me about the song “Yellow Fever”
It was a song that was released four years ago and it was only released on maybe 1,000 CDs. They’re [the protesters] are complaining that Geffen, the corporate giant, is promoting it, but the only way you can get it is on a seven inch [vinyl], [“One Censored Beer Coaster”].

What do the protests consist of?
The protest at the University of Maryland consisted of about 30 kids in yellow shirts, standing on a hill, about 300 yards away from the stage and turning their backs on us when we played. No one could tell that they were there because after 10 minutes, it was dark and their was a bunch of guys standing in the dark. I’m all for protest, but I’m just saying if they’re gonna do it, they should do it so someone knows that they are there.

How do you feel about them?
It’s great, we have spent the last six years trying to get publicity for the band, and trying to get fame, and sell a lot of albums. Then these guys come along, we didn’t have to pay them anything, and they got us in USA Today, on MTV news, and it’s great. I wanna piss more people off. Who can complain about that, [free publicity]?

Does the band ever play the song?
No. We’ve played the song live once, and it was a total disaster! And we never played it again. If they’re gonna protest a song that was released on a seven inch and sold maybe 2,000 copies in the entire history of the band, has never been played live, and no one’s ever gonna hear it.

How do you feel about Geffen’s censorship of “One Fierce Beer Coaster?”
I’m not really for censorship, but Geffen gave us a shit load of money. I was like yeah whatever, sure I’ll take it off sir.

What are your influences?
Just drugs and alcohol basically.

How has success changed your life?
We can get laid more often, that’s about it.

How did you create your interesting and unique style of music?
We were like hmm. Let’s see what the Beastie Boys were doing 15 years ago, then we could copy that and people would think that we were original.

How is touring?
It’s been selling out, [but] it’s not been huge venues or anything. But the ticket sales have been good.

And the crowds?
Seeing—a—lot—of—tits, more tits. I mean, they are from 12-year-olds, but we are seeing a lot more.

--Chris Novak