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Q101 Jamboree 2000

May 30, 2000Chris Novak
The Columbia Chronicle

As usual, Q101 held its annual summer show, Jamboree, to kick off the summer season on May 20 at the World Music Theater. The Long Beach Dub Allstars, The Suicide Machines, The Bloodhound Gang, Eve 6, Moby, Travis, Everclear, Goldfinger, Third Eye Blind, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and 311 were all featured at this concert on steroids. The theme of the show, dubbed J2K, was the Olympics (the 5 rings represented by the three zeros in 2000 and the “Q” and zero of Q101). So, in honor of this theme, I have decided to give out awards as I critique the show.

The Timid Stoner Award

This goes to the Long Beach Dub Allstars, the remains of Sublime. Their set was slow and mellow, although fairly good, the audience was not very into it at all. Instead of kicking off the show with a bang, the show began with a whisper. The frustration of the band showed as they tried, and failed to get the crowd to participate. Maybe the crowd did not respond because they were too busy getting high, but what do I know?

The “We Better Do Something to Reverse What the Long Beach Dub Allstars Just Did” Award

With a hard hitting, fast and furious set, The Suicide Machines rallied the crowd and prepped them for the next act. Playing their radio breakthrough, “Sometimes I Don’t Mind,” along with other crowd favorites such as “SOS” and “Permanent Vacation.” The Suicide Machines pleased me once again. They even went so far as to bring Goldfinger onto the stage and their 30-minute set was pure bliss.

Best On Stage Antics

The Bloodhound Gang musically, may not have any talent, but they put on a unique and wonderful stage show. It all began with Evil Jared Hasselhoff blowing fire and from there, it just went chaotic. Their song “Mope” has PAC-Man singing in it, and when that verse came, so did a life size PAC-Man. After that, they bet a girl $100 that she could not finish a case of Dr. Pepper, and she takes the bet. Hasselhoff then decided to jump off of the stage and crowd surf the lawn. When he finally came back, he brought hoards of fans onto the stage to dance, and the chaos continues. Next, only girls are allowed on stage, one male fan decides he does not want to go, so for a T-shirt and the opportunity to stay, he obeys Jimmy Pops request and shows everyone at the World his penis. Wet T-shirts and N’Sync/Fred Durst parody soon followed in a 45 minute set that was a visual bombardment and very entertaining.

We Suck Live

This goes to Eve 6, enough said.

Nobody Seemed to Care

Poor Moby, following the Bloodhound Gang seemed disastrous as much of the audience did not seem to care. Although, Moby put on a wonderful set and even surprised me by playing the James Bond theme he did for the “Goldeneye” movie. As always, Moby put an enormous amount of energy into his set, but no one seemed to care.

We’re Scottish and We Just Don’t Give a Fuck

Travis, musically very good (except for the obvious Beetle influence) but stop preaching. Although, as they played, people just kept on leaving, especially whenever the lead singer, Fran, went on one of his many dull philosophical rants. But hey, they’re Scottish and they just don’t give a fuck.

You Should Fire Your Soundman

I was thoroughly disappointed by Everclear’s set, perhaps the band I was most excited to see, and whose set I hated the most. Message to their soundman, make sure that the audience can hear and understand the lead singer over the instruments.

The Dirk Diggler Award

A huge inflatable penis on stage, WOW! Add a performance by Sisco’s brother Crisco (Goldfinger’s drummer, Darrin Pfieffer), and you have a set that was just as entertaining as the Bloodhound Gang’s set. Not too mention the fact that Goldfinger was on target and played a really great set.

“Hey, I Am a Bad-Ass, Really”

I guess it is rare that a band can fill an hour long set with radio hits, but that is exactly what Third Eye Blind did. Steven Jenkins’ mouth was dirtier than anyone I know, with every other word out of his mouth, being Fuck. Mix in covers of the The Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated," and The Who’s “My Generation,” and you have a pop heavy set of music that made me want to tear off of my ears.

Smoking is Bad

Although The Mighty Mighty Bosstones performed one of the best sets of the night, Dickey Barrett needs to stop smoking. His voice, just like Bob Dylan’s, is barely understandable due to excessive smoking. Besides this small detail The Bosstones were on target and brought the house down with a ferrous 45 minute set that was fast, hard and exciting.

And the Gold Goes to...

311, the headliners, played for over an hour, and pretty much brought the house down. The show had everyone dancing and going crazy. The most entertaing aspect was two songs into the set when they played a five drum solo, absolutely orgasmic. All I have to say is after that performance; I came out a true fan of 311, truly one of the best live bands out right now.