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Review: Bloodhound Gang, Hooray For Boobies (Geffen)

March 26, 2000Bob Gajarsky
Consumable Online

The Bloodhound Gang can retire now.

Thanks to the huge international smash of "Bad Touch", the Bloodhound Gang must have enough money to move out of the beer-chugging, no-chicks environment which they've espoused in songs such as "I Wish I was Queer So I Could Get Chicks".

And while the Pennsylvania-based group that took the Beasties' fight for your right to party to new extremes recorded their new album Hooray For Boobies , somehow, a totally irresistible synthpop beat over a white boy rapping about "doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel" achieved #1 status in five European countries, and top 20 status in another eight.

"It's shocking to open pop-culture magazines there and see poster inserts of Star Wars, Metallica and the Bloodhound Gang," says Jimmy Pop Ali. "We just knocked out Oasis out of the #1 spot in Spain. We're as big as the Backstreet Boys, but the difference is we like girls - and we don't have their bad shaving habits."

Not bad for a band that wouldn't get booked in nearby Philadelphia for fear that no one would show up. Or, as the lyrics to "The Ballad of Chasey Lain" and "Yummy Down On This" summarize, unlikely to get laid.

"We're just happy that girls will talk to us now," bassist Evil Jared Hasselhoff states in the off-hand, never totally serious fashion that pervades all the Bloodhound Gang's conversations and lyrics. "My day-job fixing lawnmores wasn't much of an aphrodisiac."

Fans of the 'old' Bloodhound Gang needn't worry that the success of "Bad Touch" will change the sound of Boobies. "Mope" takes wonderfully warped lyrics and melds them with Frankie's "Relax" for a nonsensical song which alternately irritates and fascinates, while additional themes on Boobies include rhyming words with vagina ("Three Point One Four"), sampling Metallica ("Long Way Home"), spliff ("Along Comes Mary"), and lap dancers with personal problems ("A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying".

People looking for 12 copies of "Bad Touch" might want to look elsewhere. So should anyone searching for the answer to the mysteries of life. Hooray For Boobies is obviously infantile, but if you were expecting anything else out of the Bloodhound Gang, shame on you.