Bloodhound Gang in-the-news

Review: London Astoria 2

June 21, 2000Annieka Bage

The Bloodhound Gang are very naughty boys and nobody's safe tonight. Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Destiny's Child, Travis, Blink 182 and Liam and Noel, you'd better watch your backs, lads.

Macy's OK though: 'Yeah we like Macy cos she's always more drunk than us when she plays!' They've even managed to read to papers as Jimmy declares a packed Astoria to be 'hotter than a Russian submarine' - ouch!

There's definitely energy and passion behind these boys, a crazed Evil Jared (is he really playing that guitar?) kicks off the crowd surfing, they even take a couple of minutes out of their incessant mick-taking to do one or two of their own tunes, though, introduced as 'some more stoopid songs',

Tonight is a comedy attempt to wash Europe, inspired by their Glastonbury experience. 'Does nobody wash in this country?' asks Jimmy, who brings along a 1,000 bubble machine, invites 30 drunken girls on stage (who the band start to maul) while they try to re-enact some sort of Ibiza foam party!

In fact tonight isn't a gig, but a series of challenges; $100 to eat a bag of 'kabobs'; a Bloodhound Gang T-shirt for the first person to crowd surf to the Astoria bar and back; give the barman five; another T-shirt to do karaoke from the band's lyric sheets ...

Top marks for bad behaviour, boys!

(4 stars out of 5)