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The Bloodhound Gang shock again

August 24, 2000worldpop

The Bloodhound Gang have let out a torrent of abuse aimed at Oasis, Madonna and the subject of their new single, Chasey Lain.

Lupus and Evil Jared have issued a challenge to Liam and Noel in a worldpop interview branding them uncool and openly inviting Liam's latest squeeze Nicole Appleton, who they consider to be 'hot' to dump him in favour of their good selves.

Talking about All Saints, Lupus tells worldpop, 'One of them's dating one of the Gallagher brothers,' adding 'we're way cooler than them.' When asked whether their comments about the tempestuous Gallagher brothers are wise Lupus says, 'Ahh - they're harmless. Nicole, you're hot, forget the rest.'

Of Madonna the pair slate her physical form branding her, 'stringy' and claiming that she has surgically enhanced the gap between her front teeth.

The pair also admit that rumours of their admiration for porn star, Chasey Lain, the subject of their new single, The Ballad Of Chasey Lain' are unfounded.

'She's not as attractive in person as she is in pictures and videos ... but after we met her we were like, ugh' states Lupus. Apparently Chasey was 'freaked out' when she heard the resulting track. 'Yeah, but what was she thinking?' says Jared. 'What kind of song does she expect us to write about her?'

Look out for the full worldpop video interview with The Bloodhound Gang tomorrow.

The Ballad of Chasey Lain is out now and set to break into the worldpop sponsored official UK Top 40 on Sunday. Make sure you're logged on to worldpop for the Top 40 run down at 7pm (BST) every Sunday.