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The Bloodhound Gang

July 24, 1999Trevor Baker
Melody Maker


THEIR new album is called "Hurrah For Boobies". What else do you want to know? Think House Of Pain meet The Offspring, but with more than a touch of "South Park". In fact, someone should tell The Bloodhound Gang that the joke in "South Park" is that Cartman is eight years old.

Songs like "You're Pretty When I'm Drunk" or "Yummy On This" rely way too much on single entendres and feeble punchlines as does "Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me?" - tonight addended "because you're a homo..."

It's a shame because The Bloodhound Gang are actually quite good. Or at least they could be if they spent more time borrowing from the good things about early Beasties instead of the bad jokes. A more upfor-it crowd than you'll see anywhere is consistently whipped up with "Jump Around"-style basslines, messy guitar and inventive rap, only to be let down by a lazy assumption that it's enough just to be a bit cheeky without actually providing much of a tune ("Vagina").

Like all the best hip-hop, they borrow and assimilate mainstream culture and make it their own. We get bits of "Sunday Bloody Sunday", The Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams", "Song 2", "Smack My Bitch Up" and even Daft Punk's "Around The World". But mostly we get the spirit of Eighties frat movies, smug belligerence and deliberate stupidity. Like getting liverachingly drunk, it's fun for a while, but leaves a bad taste in the mouth.