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We’re no homophobes say Bloodhound

May 8, 2000worldpop

In an unlikely career move, The Bloodhound Gang's Jimmy Pop and Evil Jared have contributed to a gay adult magazine.

Despite their vocal homophobic views, Jimmy has written an article for the magazine while Evil has posed naked. Jimmy originally wrote two articles for the magazine after being interviewed by gay magazine, Boyz.

Eric James, editor of the mag, says, 'Jimmy thought it was really funny and said that if all this goes down the drain and he ended up back working in McDonalds then we could give him a regular job.'

Jimmy was asked about his homophobic views and in particular, The Bloodhound Gang's Top Ten single The Bad Touch where two gay Frenchmen are being hit by monkeys wielding baguettes.

Jimmy Pop said 'If you've got a sense of humour at all you won't be offended. I keep telling people they weren't gay men, they were French men. Some French guys have an air about them and are a little like American queens. It was just a joke.'

Last week a gay and lesbian group in Maryland voiced their outrage at The Bloodhound Gang's concert being held there.