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February 5, 1998Sonia Murray & Doug Hamilton
The Atlanta Constitution

This article appeared in both The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution.

In a Lilith Fair kind of music world teeming with female singer-songwriters, Alana Davis has the basic requirements that could get her in the opening slot on that tour's next lineup. As her first single --an Ani DiFranco cover --declares, her debut has "32 Flavors" and then some.

Davis' dreamy Phoebe Snow way with a lyric --elongating it and then floating it up to the listener to take in at leisure --is basically applied the same way on each tune. Still, what an incredible, well-written offering each story is. Using Davis' unencumbering acoustic guitar and the empowering flourishes of MeShell Ndegeocello's keyboardist, Federico Gonzalez Pena, to create an initial sketch, Davis vividly illustrates inner beauties such as"Love & Pride" and self-confidence ("Crazy"). And when her focus turns outward --on the little boy who would give his pet to be tall ("Turtle") or even "The Weight of the World" --it is with equal skill.

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Various artists
"Half Baked." MCA. 12 tracks.
Grade: B

The musical companion to the new pot comedy starring "Saturday Night Live's" Jim Breuer, this album lines up some of the hotter alternative and hip-hop acts to hold forth on the glories of weed. Some are quite, umm, blunt about the subject: Smash Mouth's slow reggae groove "Virgin Girl" features vocals by dance hall artist Chopper, who proclaims, "I own every record by Cheech and Chong!" Some acts are more subtle --the Association classic "Along Comes Mary" becomes a subversive ode to smoke in the hands of peppy punk-rap act Bloodhound Gang. Despite the drug's energy-sapping rep, most of the acts sound lively and focused. Coolio's version of the Rick James hit "Mary Jane" is among the sharper performances of the rapper's career.

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