Bloodhound Gang in-the-news

worldpop global chart gives blood

February 14, 2000worldpop

The worldpop global chart may be packed with superstars like Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears but if you've been checking it out there's probably been one question on your lips… who exactly are The Bloodhound Gang?

Well, we've got the answer.

The Philadelphia band have toured the globe promoting their hit single Bad Touch from the album, um, Hooray For Boobies but despite selling millions in Germany, Australia and many other territories, they're still virtual unknowns in the UK and US. The band is made up of Jimmy Pop, Evil Jared Hasselhoff, Lupus Thunder, Willie the New Guy and DJ Q-Ball and put it this way, they make Kid Rock look like Aaron Carter.